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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” - Albert Einstein


White Letter Press is a hub for quality lifestyle content across multiple websites catering to a modern audience that also affords advertisers access to diverse consumer demographics. Our focus is simple: excellent content.


Producing a variety of diverse, original, quality content that covers a range of topics from lifestyle to entertainment news online. We aim to reach huge audiences and provide the best of digital journalism.

Site Brands

Entertainment News This pop culture publication is an entertainment resource that offers the latest in entertainment news, insights on the lifestyles of the rich and famous and observes the stars in an honest perspective. With feminist values, this brand shares up to date stories and tracks what is trending in the entertainment world.

Modern Lifestyles Observed With a focus on the modern woman, this site provides service pieces to improve the quality of anyone and everyone’s life. Filled with human-interest stories, healthy lists and how-tos, this publication encourages its readers to consider the manner of how they can optimize their life through style of living.

Fitness Focus With content generated from nutrition and fitness experts, this publication works as a resource for readers aspiring for optimal health. Whether the content is dissecting the latest trends in the fitness sphere (a multi-billion dollar industry) or offering valuable tips, this site aims to make healthy living achievable for everyone.

Fashion + Beauty From couture to street style, this publication thrives off both the fashionista and anti-fashionista. A thoughtful look on all trends, this aesthetic-focused site keeps the readers in the loop of what’s hot right now.

Our Team

Ashley Spegel, Writer
Ashley Spegel has been writing all the words as a part-time, Toronto-based freelance writer since 2008, following her graduation from Ryerson’s School of Journalism. With a strong passion for written communication, she has been spreading the good word through various online media, touching on a wide range of topics including celebrity gossip, health and beauty and citywide events.
Leia Smoudianis, Writer
Both a freelance writer and a television host, Leia has been conquering both the world of television and print since she obtained her Masters of Arts and Journalism from Western University back in 2012. Covering everything from the latest fashion trends to entertainment news, she has an affinity for finding the humour in every story.
Jessie Farewell, Writer
From St. John’s Newfoundland to Toronto, Jessie learned all things English Lit at Memorial University and earned a Masters from Western in between. She globetrots, explores and helps produce excellent content for White Letter Press.


Targeting consumer demographics has never been so accessible with our thorough audience analytics. If you are an advertiser looking to reach specific audiences, our series of web publications offer great opportunities to access exactly that.

We have real people writing for real readers, engaging with them through social media as we maintain a high caliber of branding.

The Latest


Toronto based publishing network White Letter Press is excited to announce the activation of a hot new entertainment news website TheHollywoodMag.com.

With excellent editorial content ranging from features and news to top 10s and other fun star-studded lists, TheHollywoodMag aims to provide solid information, explore popular culture nostalgia and offer thoughtful insight on entertainment news.

It’s amazing what a journalistically trained editorial team can do! Presenting popular culture with an educated, feminist perspective — we’re taking celebrity gossip to a whole new level. We derive humour from thoughtful analysis and boycott body-shaming, slut-shaming and other socially sensitive issues.

For our readers daily dose of water cooler conversation, we make keeping up with entertainment headlines easy with our simple site design that makes navigating TheHollywoodMag user-friendly.

Always on top of what’s trending, TheHollywoodMag’s editorial team is constantly sniffing out news-worthy content and present it in a strong voice laced in funny. With comments activated, we offer readers of this entertainment publication the luxury of interaction.

Whether you’re scoping out celebrity photos, interested in entertainment news or just curious about what’s hot — we’re ready to become your favourite source of fun popular culture.

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